'11-14 STI/WRX Sedan | System 450Q
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Our Guarantee: Unmatched clarity, deep bass reproduction and a complete transformation of your listening experience in a minimalist package fashioned specifically for your STI / WRX both in design and acoustics.  


  • NEW Multi-Channel Power Amplifier
  • Pre-Calibrated 32-Bit Digital Signal Processor
  • O+ Signature Sound Reproductions
  • Vehicle-Specific 8" Quad-Coil Subwoofer System
  • Quick-Sync Wiring Harness


  • Multi-Channel 32-Bit DSP Amplifier (360 Watts RMS @ 2-ohms)

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  • Advanced Cirrus-Logic 32-bit Digital Signal Processing 
  • Vehicle and Head Unit specific Signature Tuning
  • Low Voltage/Short Circuit Protection (Meeting all OEM standards)
  • Mounts using exiting hardware location under passengers seat 


  • 8'' Quad-Coil Carbon Fiber Cone Subwoofer System
  • Vehicle-Specific Sub enclosure (14 Liters of Air Volume)

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  • Mounts using existing vehicle mounting locations (no modification to vehicle needed)

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  • Quick-Sync "Plug & Play" Wiring Harness
  • Harness runs utilizing existing factory channels (no running under the carpet..)

We invite you to be apart of the audio revolution, experiencing your music as intended - OEM Audio Plus

If you have any questions regarding the System 500Q Sound Solution don't hesitate to contact us directly at 855-636-6346 x4

  • Item #: SUB-GRS-SYS50Q-1114

'11-14 STI/WRX Sedan | System 450Q

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